Keeley's Pet Service is built on the belief that all pets are family, big & small. ©

Established for dedicated owners who like to treat their pets as part of their family.

Specialising in Equine Reiki, Pet Reiki and Pet Care Visits:

Equine Reiki is offered throughout the UK. Pet Reiki is offered within Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Distance Reiki sessions also available.

Pet Care Visits are offered within Luton and Dunstable areas.

"There is only one way to speak to animals & that is with kindness.  Animals only understand that language."

"There is no you or I in us. We are all energy in different forms, from the same source. Embrace the differences. We Are one."     

"Kindness towards all living creatures & respect for life is evolution of mind. "

~ Keeley Dixon, Keeley's Pet Service